Amethyst & wire tree of life sculpture


Amethyst Tree of Life sculpture on Irish peat Turf

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Gemstone & wire Tree sculpture

A unique mini bonsai tree – tree of life sculpture – made with wire and genuine Amethyst gemstones. Mounted on a piece of Irish turf.


Silver plated copper wire with an Antique bronze colour coating. Twisted and turned into this tree shape with genuine purple Amethyst chips on the branches.

The tree is approx 10cm tall and stands on piece of Irish turf, total height is approx 14cm tall.


Turf is compressed, dried peat bog which has been used in Ireland for centuries to heat homes. The turf I have used is from bog in Co. Leitrim.

Tree of Life:

The tree of life is a symbol across most cultures in some form or other, it may be seen as a sacred tree, a bridge between worlds. It is more recently seen as a representation of rebirth, growth or family.

In Celtic mythology, the Ash was seen as the tree of life, different cultures and traditions have different tree as their tree of life.


I offer workshops where you will make your own wire and gemstone tree of life sculpture. All wire, gemstones and necessary tools are provided. Details of upcoming workshops will be updated on the Workshop page. (due to current Covid restrictions, workshops are on hold).

Designed and handmade by Hazelrocks Jewellery in Roscommon, Ireland. I use ethically mined/sourced genuine gemstones wherever possible. I also reuse, recycle and re-purpose packaging materials whenever I can.
Genuine gemstones may vary in colour and tone, this should be celebrated and seen as adding to the unique character and beauty of the jewellery.
Jewellery to bring joy to your day.