Baby dragon


Baby Dragon selection, Free postage in Ireland.



Baby dragon

Quiet baby dragon, curled up and watchful. These are all Fenlander Flathead dragons. Mother Dragon has given me special permission to find new homes for these baby dragons.

Each baby dragon has different colours  with hints of rainbow dust. We all know that dragons love their treasure, but these are only babies so I have given them a gemstone to start their treasure collection.

The little baby dragon has shiny black eyes (small beads).

These baby dragons are between 6 and 7cm long  A baby Dragon would make a lovely addition to your window sill or study, in your healing space as Dragons are linked to divine energy, or perhaps as a protector in your fairy garden. Also great for keeping nightmares at bay.

Dragons are seen as a symbol of energy and inspiration. Perhaps use it in your healing space.

Ideal gift idea, treat yourself or someone special.

Baby Dragons discovered in Roscommon and Leitrim, Ireland. Each one is different.

Your Baby Dragon will be posted to you with a little instruction on how to care for them.

Baby Dragon food is available to purchase separately – nobody wants a hungry dragon.



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