Dragon Egg Labradorite Pendant


Dragon Egg Labradorite Pendant,

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DRagon egg pendant

How many Dragon Eggs do you have in your collection? This one is a pendant so that you can wear your beautiful Labradorite Dragon Egg.


A semi precious stone – Labradorite –  set into dark brown/bronze polymer clay  – a fun and individual piece of jewellery, a real talking point accessory – imagination required.

The semi oval shaped pendant is approx 5.5 cm long (2 inches) and 4cm (1.5 inches) at its widest point. The Labradorite stone is a semi oval shape, approx 1.5cm long with a grey bodytone with flashes of  green, orange and golden tones. I have handmade leaves, spots and dots to accent the gemstone – to look as if its a Dragon Egg in a nest.. On the back is a red wing feather, also made from polymer clay – that’s how we know that is the egg of a Fire Dragon (a little imagination is required)

On a 3 strand waxed cotton cord with labadorite beads , approx 64cm (26 inches)long. This could be your amulet or talisman in a piece of boho jewellery. This pendant is not as heavy as it looks, despite its size. This pendant is suitable for man or woman to wear.


Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. It is called the Aurora Borealis in a stone. It is a member of the Feldspar family – it is the flaws and inclusions in the stone that give the beautiful colour flashes – like people, the flaws make us beautiful.

It is said to banish fear and strengthen faith in oneself. It is said to be helpful in calming an overactive mind.

The metaphysical properties of any gemstone/metal is not guaranteed.

Designed and handmade by Hazelrocks Jewellery in Roscommon, Ireland. I use ethically mined/sourced genuine gemstones wherever possible. I also reuse, recycle and re-purpose packaging materials whenever I can.
Genuine gemstones may vary in colour and tone, this should be celebrated and seen as adding to the unique character and beauty of the jewellery.
Jewellery to bring joy to your day.