Green Amber pendant necklace


Green Amber Sterling Silver necklace

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Stunning Green Amber sterling silver pendant necklace

Unique stunning Green Amber set in Sterling Silver.


This Baltic Green Amber is full of character and inclusions. It has light and darker green inclusions in it with some clarity. This piece of  Baltic Amber has been cut by skilled craftpersons in Poland. This Sterling Silver frame has been specially created in Poland for this piece of Amber. It has a lovely open frame with sweeping lines, to create an elegant piece of jewellery in an elven, celtic style pendant.

The pendant is approx 20mm (2cm) long, the total drop is approx 2.5cm long. I have used a 40cm (16 inch) Sterling Silver chain for the pendant – if you prefer a longer chain, please let me know.


Amber is not a gemstone in the true sense of gemstones, it is an Organic matter, Amber is fossilised tree resin between 40-60 million years old.

Amber has long been used for crystal healing, it is said to be uplifting, easing stress and removing negative energy. It has been used to relieve pain both in children and adults.

Your Amber jewellery needs a little extra care as it is an organic gemstone, so avoid getting perfume, sprays,makeup etc on your amber. Please store your amber away from other pieces of jewellery so that your Amber does not get scratched.

I use ethically mined/sourced genuine gemstones wherever possible. I also reuse, recycle and re-purpose packaging materials whenever I can.
Genuine gemstones may vary in colour and tone, this should be celebrated and seen as adding to the unique character and beauty of the jewellery.
Jewellery to bring joy to your day.