Sunstone Pearl Tanzanite wire wrapped sterling silver pendant


Sunstone Pearl Tanzanite wire wrapped Sterling Silver pendant

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Sunstone pearl Tanzanite, Wire wrapped sterling silver pendant

Beautifully elegant handmade Sterling Silver wire wrapped Sunstone pendant with Pearl and Tanzanite accent stones.


This Sunstone pearl tanzanite pendant is approx. 4cm long on a 44cm (18 inch) sterling silver chain. This beautiful orangey Sunstone is at the centre of the pendant. Woven and wrapped around with Sterling Silver wire and accented with a delicate white seed pearl and a violet blue Tanzanite. This unique, unisex pendant is made with 925 Sterling Silver wire and has been hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office. Nickel and lead free.

Pearl is a birthstone for June and Tanzanite is a birthstone for December, so this could make an ideal gift or treat yourself to a unique piece of jewellery. Free postage in Ireland.

Don’t want to wear this Sunstone Pearl Tanzanite creation as a pendant??????  you could hang it as an amulet in your sacred healing space, as a window hanging or as a frontspiece for your special book.


Sunstone was believed to be the sun trapped in the rocks – the energy from the sun god Ra left in the rocks after the sun set. It is said to bring out your true nature, encourages happiness. Alleviates stress and  encourages independence. This Sunstone has lovely fizzing orangey tones. It is associated with Sacra and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Pearl is a birthstone for June, it is known as a symbol of purity, innocence  – a stone of sincerity. It is often worn as bridal jewellery as it is said to keep tears away on the wedding day.

Tanzanite is found only in Tanzania, Africa. It is a stone in varying shades of blue – this one is a clear violet blue stone. Tanzanite was only discovered in 1967 and launched by Tiffany & Co. It is a birthstone for December. It is believed to be a stone of transformation and new beginnings – it is often given to new mothers. It is associated with the throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

Silver is a precious metal and is a very reflective metal. In crystal healing, Silver is said to aid balance the emotional and spiritual. It is believed to aid the healing properties of gemstones it is set with.

The metaphysical properties of any gemstone/metal is not guaranteed.

Designed and handmade by Hazelrocks Jewellery in Roscommon, Ireland. I use ethically mined/sourced genuine gemstones wherever possible. I also reuse, recycle and re-purpose packaging materials whenever I can.
Genuine gemstones may vary in colour and tone, this should be celebrated and seen as adding to the unique character and beauty of the jewellery.
Jewellery to bring joy to your day.





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