Wire Wrapped Lapis Lazuli pendant necklace with Amethyst


Wire Wrapped Lapis Lazuli pendant necklace with faceted purple Amethyst drop.

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Wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli Pendant necklace

Curls and Swirls of copper wire, creates a frame and holds this deep rich blue Lapis Lazuli pendant. The natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone is an oval shape.  A beautiful faceted natural purple Amethyst gemstone drops from the bottom of the pendant. All wrapped with oxidised copper wire.


This Lapis Lazuli pendant is made with copper wire, curled and swirled by hand, in a unique circular pattern. Celtic inspired design, with a rich dark blue Lapis Lazuli oval in  the center. Finished with a stunning faceted drop of clear rich purple Amethyst.  Hammered copper wire for a base, and then the strands of copper wire swirled in a pattern around. I have oxidised the copper to give depth and interest to the piece, for a more vintage look. The pendant is slightly different back and front, so you decide which way to wear it.

The unique wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli pendant has a total length of approx 6cm (almost 2.5 inches) (which includes the bail).  Pendant comes with on an 45cm (18 inch) copper tone chain. Nickel and lead free.

Don’t want to wear it as a pendant??????  you could hang it as an amulet in your sacred healing space, as a window hanging, as a fronts piece for your special book or even as a bookmark. Ideal to treat yourself, for your selfcare or to gift to someone special. This pendant will be posted in a gift box.


Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone with tiny golden flecks of pyrite. It is a birthstone for December. Lapis Lazuli has long been used for adornment in jewellery, ground down to make eyeshadow, paint – it was used to create Ultramarine Blue paint which was used by Renaissance painters, including Michaelangelo when he painted the roof of the Cistene Chapel. Lapis Lazuli was also used in the death mask of Tutenkhamun. In Crystal Healing, Lapis Lazuli a stone of protection. It is used to relieve stress brings inner peace. It is said to ease depression and insomnia. It is linked to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It is said to help you find your voice and speak your truth. This Lapis Lazuli is from Afghanistan.

Amethyst – a beautiful and well known gemstone. It is a birthstone for February. It is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras.. In crystal healing, Amethyst is a protective stone, transmuting negative energy into love. It is said to relieve stress and strain, balances mood swings, alleviates sadness and grief.  It is said to relieve insomnia, helping you to remember and understand your dreams.

Copper jewellery has long been worn to ease joint pain. Copper is believed to amplify the energies of gemstones.

The metaphysical properties of any stone or metal cannot be guaranteed.

Designed and handmade by Hazelrocks Jewellery in Roscommon, Ireland. I use ethically mined/sourced genuine gemstones wherever possible. I also reuse, recycle and re-purpose packaging materials whenever I can.
Genuine gemstones may vary in colour and tone, this should be celebrated and seen as adding to the unique character and beauty of the jewellery.
Jewellery to bring joy to your day.